Three Treasures Farms Riding Academy

Intro to Horsepersonship

This class is just a great basic all-around class. It is a good jumping-off point for students who are interested in horses, but who have had little to no exposure to them. This class covers a little bit of everything from basic horse care to basic handling, as well as a sample of the different riding styles so students going forward can make an educated decision about what type of riding they are most interested in learning. The class includes handouts and important take-home informational learning exercises.

Ponies for Peewees

This class is a wonderful opportunity for parents with horse crazy little people. It is very difficult to find lessons for the younger kids since most traditional riding schools make their money by group lessons which really counts out little people who haven't developed the physical size or strength to tack up or even sometimes what it takes to steer a horse correctly. This class is for the younger horse enthusiast who might also lack the attention it takes for an individual lesson. Participants are able to take all the time they want getting the ponies brushed and tacked up. Parents are able to attend at no additional charge allowing them to share the experience and learn right along with their kids. When the weather is cold students are able to come inside and continue their learning through games and take home coloring activities as well as practice their riding skills on our horse simulator.

Intro to Equine Massage

Massage is an often overlooked injury prevention method. It also enhances the relationship of a rider and horse. Basic massage is easy to learn and can save an owner money and heartache in veterinary bills. In this class students learn basic massage techniques and how to identify and prevent some of the more common soft tissue injuries in horses. For more detailed information on Equine Massage click here.

Intermediate Equine Massage:

Students must have completed Intro to Equine Massage to attend this class. Students continue to build upon their learning of massage techniques as well as learning more advanced types and styles and are exposed to the techniques used in rehabilitative work. Students further their knowledge of equine anatomy and the different muscle structures and how they work in relationship to the bio-mechanics of the horse's motion. Field trips to other rescues and horse shows are often available as part of the curriculum.

Advanced Equine Massage:

Students must have completed Intermediate Equine Massage to attend this class. This class is designed to prepare students who are interested in pursuing a career in Equine Massage, although a career goal is not mandatory for taking the class. This class allows students to work closely with horses within the rehabilitation program of 3TF, giving them much needed hands-on experience of a wide variety of equine related injuries and which massage techniques are best suited for the specific types of injuries. Students learn how to massage and work with difficult horses who might pose a threat to personal safety. Students are exposed to working with stallions and the special needs that are often associated with them. Field trips to other horse rescues and horse shows are part of the curriculum. Students also learn important record and bookkeeping skills associated with becoming an equine massage practitioner.

Intro to Horses as Healers:

In this class students learn basic safety in handling horses and how to feel comfortable being around horses as well as how to make horses feel comfortable in their presence. Students learn a variety of communication techniques which enhance the horse-human relationship. Basic ground and under saddle exercises are taught on our lesson horses in a shared group environment, allowing students to learn the exercises by watching other classmates as well as by experiencing them on their own. This class is an excellent choice for people who are considering horse guardianship; people who are currently horse guardians, but experiencing difficulty within their existing equine relationship; and people who simply love and are attracted to the healing energy horses provide.

Intermediate Horses as Healers:

Students need to have completed Intro to Horses as Healers to attend this course. Students build on concepts presented in the Intro course and learn more advance ground and under saddle exercises. Horses from our Rehabilitation programs teach some Round Pen sessions. Students experience more one on one time with their equine teachers of choice and students who are horse guardians are able to attend with their partners to work on the exercises with assistance from the instructor.

Advanced Horses as Healers:

Students need to have completed Intermediate Horses as Healers to attend this course. Students are able to continue building their learning of the ground and under saddle exercises. Most of the hands on arena work is done one on one with their equine teacher of choice, with customized learning sessions for each student. Students have a chance to really focus on the exercises they find most helpful in their personal journeys and spend more time creating on an individual basis with their equine partner, with more direction from the instructor and less supervision. Students are able to bring their own horse partners if they have them. Some advanced demonstrations and specialty training including massage and animal communication techniques are available for those interested. Round Pen sessions with Rehabilitation horse are available.

Intro to Stallion Management and Care

This class is designed to give students a peek behind the iron curtain of mystery which typically surrounds stallions. Students learn about basic handling and care of stallions, along with an introduction to what it takes to manage both the breeding and performance side of stallions.

Intermediate Stallion Management and Care

This class is available only for students who have already successfully completed Intro to Stallion Management and Care. In this class, students are given more hands on experience with the stallions and are able to view and assist in actual breedings. Students are supervised in working with mare owners to coordinate breedings, as well as getting some hands on experience with the documentation that accompanies breeding.

Advanced Stallion Management and Care

This class is only for students who have successfully completed Intermediate Stallion Management and Care. Students are assigned a specific stallion in which they work hands on with their care and management from day to day needs, coordinating with mare owners, helping with their promotion and marketing, as well as performance careers.

Intro to Hunter/Jumpers

This class is for students who have completed Intro to Horsepersonship and are able to successfully trot a horse or pony. The class covers the history of the sport and teaches students the basic differences between Hunters and Jumpers. Students learn basic under saddle grid exercises with poles and small fences (jumps) while focusing on correct positioning and equitation.

Intermediate Hunter/Jumpers

This class is for students who have successfully completed Intro to Hunter/Jumpers and are able to canter a horse or pony. Students learn the differences between Hunter and Jumper courses and learn about different stride lengths and what it takes to successfully navigate a Hunter or Jumper course. More advanced exercises are introduced and students get to try their hands at actual Hunter and Jumper courses.

Advanced Hunter/Jumpers

This class is for students who have successfully completed Intermediate Hunter/Jumpers. It is recommended that students attending this class to also have completed the Advanced Dressage class. Students learn show etiquette and are able to refine their skills in practice courses in preparation for attending a schooling show.

It is with reverence and respect for children and horses that we commit our lives to improving theirs. Our goal with Three Treasures Farms is to assist others by lending our knowledge so that people are empowered to make their lives and the lives of horses better.